Susanna Stanford

Patient Representative

Following experience of a spinal anaesthetic failing during a c-section in 2010, Susanna became interested in patient safety. She spoke about her experience at the Obstetric Anaesthetists’ Association annual conference in 2015 and subsequently co-authored a paper on her experience and the importance of non-technical skills for the International Journal of Obstetric Anaesthesia in 2016. Susanna has been a member of the OAA’s working party developing guidance on the testing of neuraxial blocks and management of block failure; guidance which she campaigned for since becoming involved.

Susanna has always aimed to help clinicians as much as patients. She continues to speak about non-technical skills and achieving learning through collaboration between patients and clinicians. She is an ambassador for the Clinical Human Factors Group, and a member of both the HSIB Citizens’ Partnership Design and Delivery Group and the Harmed Patients Alliance advisory group.